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The Bible/ that
is, the holy Scripture of the
Olde and New Teſtament, faith-
fully and truly tranſlated out
of Douche and Latyn
in_to Engliſhe.


S.Paul. II.Teſſa.III.
Praie foŗ vs, that the woŗde of God maie
haue fre paſſage, and be glorified. &c‹es›.

S.Paul Col.III.
Let the woŗde of Chŗiſt dwell in you plen[-]
teouſly in all wy₍ſʒ₎dome &c‹es›.

Joſue I.
Let not the boke of this lawe departe
out of thy mouth, but exercyſe thyſelfe
therin daye and nighte &c‹es›.

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The Byble: that
is/ the holy Scrypture of the
Olde and New Teſtament,
faythfully tranſlated in[-]
to Englyſhe.


S.Paul. II.Theſſal.III.
Pŗaye foŗ vs, that the woŗde of God
maye haue fre paſſage, & be gloŗified.

S.Paul. Colloſſ.III.
Let the woŗde of Chŗiſte dwell in you
plenteoully in all wyſdome. &c.

Let not the Boke of this lawe departe
out of thy mouth, but exercyſe thy_ſelfe
therin daye and nyghte, [yt] thou mayeſt
kepe and do euery thynge accoŗdynge
to it that is wŗytten therin.

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The new teſtament.

The goſpell of S Mathew.
The goſpell of S. Marke.
The goſpell of S. Luke.
The goſpell of S. Jhon.
The Actes of the Apoſtles

The epiſtles of S. Paul.

The epiſtle vnto the Romaynes.
The firſt and ſeconde epiſtle to the Coŗinthians
The epiſtle to the Galathians.
The epiſtle to the Epheſians.
The epiſtle to the Philippians.
The epiſtle to the Coloſſians.
The firſt and ſecōde epiſtle to the Theſſalonians
The firſt and ſeconde epiſtle vnto Thymothy.
The epiſtle vnto Titus.
The epiſtle vnto Philemon.

The firſt and ſeconde epiſtle of S. Peter.
The thŗe epiſtles of S. Jhon.
The epiſtle vnto the Hebŗues.
The epiſtle of S. James.
The epiſtle of S. Jude.
The Reuelacion of S. Jhon.

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The goſpell   
The goſpell of
S. Marke.
The fyrſt Chapter.
Mal 3.a
[1] [8]THis is the begynnyn[-]
ge of the goſpell of
Jeſus Chŗiſt the ſon[-]
ne of God, [2] as it is
wŗyttē in the pŗophe[-]
tes. Beholde, J ſen-
de my meſſaūger be-
foŗe thy face, which
ſhal pŗepare thy waye befoŗe the. [3] The voy-
ce of a cryer is in the wyldernes: Pŗepare
the waye of the LORDE, make his pathes
[4] Jhon was in the wyldernes, and bapty-
ſed, and pŗeached the baptyme of amend-
ment, foŗ the remyſſion of ſynnes. [5] And the-
re wente out vnto him, the whole londe of
Jewry, and they of Jeruſalem, and were
all baptyſed of him in Joŗdan, and knowle-
ged their ſynnes.
[6] Jhon was clothed with Camels heer,
and with a lethŗon gerdell aboute his loy-
nes, and ate locuſtes and wylde hony, [7] and
pŗeached, and ſayde: There commeth one
after me, which is ſtronger then J: befoŗe
whom J am not woŗthy to ſtoupe downe,
and to lowſe [ye] latchet of his ſhue. [8] J bap[-]
tyſe you with water, but he ſhal baptyſe
you with the holy gooſt.
*Jn whō
J am pa[=]
[9] And it happened at the ſame tyme, that
Jeſus came out of Galile from Naʒareth,
and was baptyſed of Jhon in Joŗdan. [10] And
as ſoone as he was come out of the water,
he ſawe that the heauens opened, and the
gooſt as a doue cōmynge downe vpon him.
[11] And there came a voyce from heauē: Thou
art my deare ſonne, *in whom J delyte.
[12] And immediatly the ſpŗete dŗoue him in[-]
to wyldernes: [13] and he was in the wylder[-]
nes fourtye dayes, and was tempted of Sa[-]
[16r-b]   zum Textanfang
of S. Marke.    Fo. xvi.
than, and was with the wylde beeſtes. And
the angels myniſtred vnto him.
[14] But after that Jhon was taken, Jeſus
came in_to Galile, and pŗeached the goſpell
of the kyngdome of God, [15] and ſayde: the ty[-]
me is fulfylled, and the kyngdome of God is
at hande: Amende youre_ſelues, and beleue
the goſpell.
[16] So as he walked by the ſee of Galile, he
ſawe Symon and Andŗew his brother, caſ-
tinge their nettes in the ſee, foŗ they were
fy₍ſʒ₎hers. [17] And Jeſus ſayde vnto thē: Folowe
me, and J wil make you fy₍ſʒ₎hers of mē. [18] And
immediatly they left their nettes, and fo-
lowed him.
[19] And when he was gone a lytle further
from thence, he ſawe James the ſonne of
Ʒebede, and Jhon his bŗother, as they were
in the ſhyppe mendynge their nettes. [20] And
anone he called them. And they left their fa[-]
ther Ʒebede in the ſhyppe with the hyŗed ſer[-]
uauntes, and folowed him.
[21] And they wente in_to Capernaum, and
immediatly vpon the Sabbathes, he entred
in_to the ſynagoge, and taught. [22] And they
were aſtonnyed at his doctryne: foŗ he
taught them as one hauynge power, and
not as the Scrybes.
Iohā.2 b
[23] And in their ſynagoge there was a man
poſſeſſed with a foule ſpŗete, which cried [24] and
ſayde: Oh what haue we to do with the,
thou Jeſus of Naʒareth. Art thou come to
deſtroye us? J knowe that thou art euen [ye]
holy one of God. [25] And Jeſus repŗoued him,
and ſayde: holde thy tonge, and departe
out of him. [26] And the foule ſpŗete tare him,
and cried with a loude voyce, and departed
out of him. [27] And they were all aſtonnyed, in[-]
ſo_moch that they axed one another amon-
ge thē_ſelues, & ſayde: What is this? What
new lernynge is this? Foŗ he cōmaundeth
the foule ſpŗetes with power, and they are
obedient vnto him. [28] And immediatly the fa[-]
me of him was noyſed rounde aboute in the
coaſtes and boŗders of Galile.
[29] And foŗth with they wente out of the ſy-
nagoge, and came in_to the houſe of Symō
and Andŗew, [we] James and Jhon. [30] And Sy[-]
mons mother in lawe laye, & had the feuers,
and anone they|tolde him of her. [31] And he ca[-]
me to her, and ſet her vp, and toke her by [ye]
hande, and the feuer left her immediatly.
And ſhe myniſtred vnto them.
[32] At euen whan the Sonne was gone
downe, they bŗought vnto him all that we-
re ſick and poſſeſſed, [33] and the whole cite
was gathered together at the doŗe, [34] and
C C iiij 
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The goſpell   
he healed many that were diſeaſed with dy-
uerſe ſickneſſes, and caſt out many deuels,
and ſuffred not the deuels to ſpeake, becau-
ſe they knew him.
[35] And in the moŗnynge befoŗe daye, he aro[-]
ſe, and wente out. And Jeſus departed in_to
a deſerte place, and pŗayed there. [36] Peter alſo
and they that were with him, folowed after
him. [37] And whan they had founde him, they
ſayde vnto him: Euery man ſeketh the. [38] And
he ſayde vnto them: Let us go in_to the next
townes, that J maye pŗeach there alſo, foŗ
therto am J come. [39] And he pŗeached ī their
ſynagoges, in all Galile, and dŗoue out the
and 9.a
[40] And there came vnto him a leper, which
beſought him, and kneled befoŗe him, & ſayde
vnto him: Yf thou wilt, thou canſt make me
cleane. [41] And it pitied Jeſus, and he ſtretched
foŗth his honde, and touched him, and ſay-
de: J wyll, be thou cleane. [42] And whā he had
ſo ſpoken, immediatly the lepŗoſy departed
frō him, and he was clenſed. [43] And Jeſus foŗ-
bad him ſtrately, and foŗth_with ſent him
awaye, [44] and ſayde vnto him: Take hede, that
thou ſaye nothinge to eny man, but go thy
waye, and ſhew thy_ſelf vnto the pŗeſt, and
offre foŗ thy clenſynge what Moſes com-
maunded, foŗ a wytneſſe vnto them. [45] But he
whan he was departed, beganne to ſpeake
moch of it, and made the dede knowne: in_ſo[-]
moch that Jeſus coude no moŗe go in_to the
cite openly, but was without in deſerte pla-
ces, & they came vnto him fŗō all quarters.
The II. Chapter.
[1] [3]ANd after certayne dayes he wente
agayne vnto Capernaum, and it was
noyſed that he was in [ye] houſe. [2] And
immediatly there was gathered a greate
multitude, in_ſo_moch that they had no row[-]
me, no not without befoŗe the doŗe. And he
ſpake the woŗde vnto thē. [3] And there came
vnto him certaine, which brought one ſicke
of the palſye boŗne of foure. [4] And when they
coude not come nye him foŗ [ye] people, they
vncouered [ye] rofe of [ye] houſe where he was.
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of S. Marke.   
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