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The Bible/ that
is, the holy Scripture of the
Olde and New Testament, faith-
fully and truly translated out
of Douche and Latyn
in_to Englishe.


S.Paul. II.Tessa.III.
Praie fo₍r₎ us, that the wo₍r₎de of God maie
have fre passage, and be glorified. ‹and›c‹es›.

S.Paul Col.III.
Let the wo₍r₎de of Ch₍r₎ist dwell in you plen[-]
teously in all wy₍sz₎dome ‹and›c‹es›.

Josue I.
Let not the boke of this lawe departe
out of thy mouth, but exercyse thyselfe
therin daye and nighte ‹and›c‹es›.

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The Byble: that
is/ the holy Scrypture of the
Olde and New Testament,
faythfully translated in[-]
to Englyshe.


S.Paul. II.Thessal.III.
P₍r₎aye fo₍r₎ us, that the wo₍r₎de of God
maye have fre passage, ‹and› be glo₍r₎ified.

S.Paul. Colloss.III.
Let the wo₍r₎de of Ch₍r₎iste dwell in you
plenteoully in all wysdome. ‹and›c.

Let not the Boke of this lawe departe
out of thy mouth, but exercyse thy_selfe
therin daye and nyghte, ‹that› thou mayest
kepe and do every thynge acco₍r₎dynge
to it that is w₍r₎ytten therin.

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The new testament.

The gospell of S Mathew.
The gospell of S. Marke.
The gospell of S. Luke.
The gospell of S. Jhon.
The Actes of the Apostles

The epistles of S. Paul.

The epistle vnto the Romaynes.
The first and seconde epistle to the Co₍r₎inthians
The epistle to the Galathians.
The epistle to the Ephesians.
The epistle to the Philippians.
The epistle to the Colossians.
The first and sec‹on›de epistle to the Thessalonians
The first and seconde epistle vnto Thymothy.
The epistle vnto Titus.
The epistle vnto Philemon.

The first and seconde epistle of S. Peter.
The th₍r₎e epistles of S. Jhon.
The epistle vnto the Heb₍r₎ues.
The epistle of S. James.
The epistle of S. Jude.
The Revelacion of S. Jhon.

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The gospell   
The gospell of
S. Marke.
The fyrst Chapter.
Mal 3.a
[1] [8]THis is the begynnyn[-]
ge of the gospell of
Jesus Ch₍r₎ist the son[-]
ne of God, [2] as it is
w₍r₎ytt‹en› in the p₍r₎ophe[-]
tes. Beholde, I sen-
de my messa‹un›ger be-
fo₍r₎e thy face, which
shal p₍r₎epare thy waye befo₍r₎e the. [3] The voy-
ce of a cryer is in the wyldernes: P₍r₎epare
the waye of the LORDE, make his pathes
[4] Jhon was in the wyldernes, and bapty-
sed, and p₍r₎eached the baptyme of amend-
ment, fo₍r₎ the remyssion of synnes. [5] And the-
re wente out unto him, the whole londe of
Jewry, and they of Jerusalem, and were
all baptysed of him in Jo₍r₎dan, and knowle-
ged their synnes.
[6] Jhon was clothed with Camels heer,
and with a leth₍r₎on gerdell aboute his loy-
nes, and ate locustes and wylde hony, [7] and
p₍r₎eached, and sayde: There commeth one
after me, which is stronger then I: befo₍r₎e
whom I am not wo₍r₎thy to stoupe downe,
and to lowse ‹the› latchet of his shue. [8] I bap[-]
tyse you with water, but he shal baptyse
you with the holy goost.
*In wh‹om›
I am pa[=]
[9] And it happened at the same tyme, that
Jesus came out of Galile from Nazareth,
and was baptysed of Jhon in Jo₍r₎dan. [10] And
as soone as he was come out of the water,
he sawe that the heavens opened, and the
goost as a dove c‹om›mynge downe upon him.
[11] And there came a voyce from heav‹en›: Thou
art my deare sonne, *in whom I delyte.
[12] And immediatly the sp₍r₎ete d₍r₎ove him in[-]
to wyldernes: [13] and he was in the wylder[-]
nes fourtye dayes, and was tempted of Sa[-]
[16r-b]   zum Textanfang
of S. Marke.    Fo. xvi.
than, and was with the wylde beestes. And
the angels mynistred unto him.
[14] But after that Jhon was taken, Jesus
came in_to Galile, and p₍r₎eached the gospell
of the kyngdome of God, [15] and sayde: the ty[-]
me is fulfylled, and the kyngdome of God is
at hande: Amende youre_selves, and beleve
the gospell.
[16] So as he walked by the see of Galile, he
sawe Symon and And₍r₎ew his brother, cas-
tinge their nettes in the see, fo₍r₎ they were
fy₍sz₎hers. [17] And Jesus sayde unto th‹em›: Folowe
me, and I wil make you fy₍sz₎hers of m‹en›. [18] And
immediatly they left their nettes, and fo-
lowed him.
[19] And when he was gone a lytle further
from thence, he sawe James the sonne of
Zebede, and Jhon his b₍r₎other, as they were
in the shyppe mendynge their nettes. [20] And
anone he called them. And they left their fa[-]
ther Zebede in the shyppe with the hy₍r₎ed ser[-]
vauntes, and folowed him.
[21] And they wente in_to Capernaum, and
immediatly upon the Sabbathes, he entred
in_to the synagoge, and taught. [22] And they
were astonnyed at his doctryne: fo₍r₎ he
taught them as one havynge power, and
not as the Scrybes.
Ioh‹an›.2 b
[23] And in their synagoge there was a man
possessed with a foule sp₍r₎ete, which cried [24] and
sayde: Oh what have we to do with the,
thou Jesus of Nazareth. Art thou come to
destroye us? I knowe that thou art even ‹the›
holy one of God. [25] And Jesus rep₍r₎oved him,
and sayde: holde thy tonge, and departe
out of him. [26] And the foule sp₍r₎ete tare him,
and cried with a loude voyce, and departed
out of him. [27] And they were all astonnyed, in[-]
so_moch that they axed one another amon-
ge th‹em›_selves, ‹and› sayde: What is this? What
new lernynge is this? Fo₍r₎ he c‹om›maundeth
the foule sp₍r₎etes with power, and they are
obedient unto him. [28] And immediatly the fa[-]
me of him was noysed rounde aboute in the
coastes and bo₍r₎ders of Galile.
[29] And fo₍r₎th with they wente out of the sy-
nagoge, and came in_to the house of Sym‹on›
and And₍r₎ew, ‹with› James and Jhon. [30] And Sy[-]
mons mother in lawe laye, ‹and› had the fevers,
and anone they|tolde him of her. [31] And he ca[-]
me to her, and set her up, and toke her by ‹the›
hande, and the fever left her immediatly.
And she mynistred unto them.
[32] At even whan the Sonne was gone
downe, they b₍r₎ought unto him all that we-
re sick and possessed, [33] and the whole cite
was gathered together at the do₍r₎e, [34] and
C C iiij 
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The gospell   
he healed many that were diseased with dy-
verse sicknesses, and cast out many devels,
and suffred not the devels to speake, becau-
se they knew him.
[35] And in the mo₍r₎nynge befo₍r₎e daye, he aro[-]
se, and wente out. And Jesus departed in_to
a deserte place, and p₍r₎ayed there. [36] Peter also
and they that were with him, folowed after
him. [37] And whan they had founde him, they
sayde unto him: Every man seketh the. [38] And
he sayde unto them: Let us go in_to the next
townes, that I maye p₍r₎each there also, fo₍r₎
therto am I come. [39] And he p₍r₎eached ‹in› their
synagoges, in all Galile, and d₍r₎ove out the
and 9.a
[40] And there came unto him a leper, which
besought him, and kneled befo₍r₎e him, ‹and› sayde
unto him: Yf thou wilt, thou canst make me
cleane. [41] And it pitied Jesus, and he stretched
fo₍r₎th his honde, and touched him, and say-
de: I wyll, be thou cleane. [42] And wh‹an› he had
so spoken, immediatly the lep₍r₎osy departed
fr‹om› him, and he was clensed. [43] And Jesus fo₍r₎-
bad him strately, and fo₍r₎th_with sent him
awaye, [44] and sayde unto him: Take hede, that
thou saye nothinge to eny man, but go thy
waye, and shew thy_self unto the p₍r₎est, and
offre fo₍r₎ thy clensynge what Moses com-
maunded, fo₍r₎ a wytnesse unto them. [45] But he
whan he was departed, beganne to speake
moch of it, and made the dede knowne: in_so[-]
moch that Jesus coude no mo₍r₎e go in_to the
cite openly, but was without in deserte pla-
ces, ‹and› they came unto him f₍r₎‹om› all quarters.
The II. Chapter.
[1] [3]ANd after certayne dayes he wente
agayne unto Capernaum, and it was
noysed that he was in ‹the› house. [2] And
immediatly there was gathered a greate
multitude, in_so_moch that they had no row[-]
me, no not without befo₍r₎e the do₍r₎e. And he
spake the wo₍r₎de unto th‹em›. [3] And there came
unto him certaine, which brought one sicke
of the palsye bo₍r₎ne of foure. [4] And when they
coude not come nye him fo₍r₎ ‹the› people, they
uncovered ‹the› rofe of ‹the› house where he was.
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of S. Marke.   
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